Preparation of the therapy room promotes a professional image.
A professional approach instills confidence and trust in the client.

The tantra therapist should be clean and fresh smelling.

The therapist’s hands should be clean, warm, and the
fingernails short with no snags or sharp edges.

Your  therapist may use a massage table; a bed or a foam
mattress or traditional grass-filled futon on the
floor, depending on the nature of the session.

The massage surface should be covered with
clean, easily washable cloths or disposable fabrics.

Cushions may be provided for supporting the client’s body.
The massage oils and  should be prepared and easily at hand.

Some therapists will play background music.
The lighting may be muted.

The room should be warm, if the temperature is likely to vary,
light throws or blankets should be at hand to drape the client.

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