Foreplay can make the difference between a  happy, stimulating
liasion and tedious, unsatisfying one.

You could liken it to the starter before a meal, it sets the tone
of the entire experience.

Why is foreplay helpful for better sex?

If foreplay feels sexually exciting and arousing for a
woman, then her vagina may be more likely to “tent”.

‘Tenting’ means that the vagina grows in length and width.
Thus making for more comfortable penetration.

(The vagina starts out at only 3-4 inches long when
unaroused but grows to about 5-6 inches in length during arousal).

Arousal also enhances a womans’ natural vaginal
lubrication response which can make for more
comfortable, pleasurable sex.

The key is finding types of foreplay that feel
arousing for a particular woman.

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